Yellow Yeti Rolls DK-11204 17 x 54mm Labels

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Hellou! I'm Yellow Yeti from Yellow Land.
Don't be scared. I don't bite!
I showed up to revolutionize the world of printing products. Let's start our adventure together!

Premium Components
Environmental-friendly and premium components ensure every professional print and prolongs label printer service.
Quality Printing Performance
Precisely designed to deliver clear and durable results to satisfy your every need.
17 mm Width, 54 mm Length
Labels per Roll:
Brother P-Touch QL-500
Brother P-Touch QL-500A
Brother P-Touch QL-500BS
Brother P-Touch QL-500BW
Brother P-Touch QL-550
Brother P-Touch QL-560
Brother P-Touch QL-560VP
Brother P-Touch QL-570
Brother P-Touch QL-580N
Brother P-Touch QL-650TD
Brother P-Touch QL-700
Brother P-Touch QL-710W
Brother P-Touch QL-720NW
Brother P-Touch QL-800
Brother P-Touch QL-810W
Brother P-Touch QL-820NWB
Brother P-Touch QL-1050
Brother P-Touch QL-1050N
Brother P-Touch QL-1060N
Brother P-Touch QL-1100
Brother P-Touch QL-1110NWB

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  • WHY CHOOSE YELLOW YETI? Yellow Yeti DK-11204 DK11204 Multipurpose Labels are designed with the slightest precision to deliver clear, readable, durable and stunning printouts of the highest quality to satisfy your every need.
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  • IS THIS THE RIGHT PRODUCT FOR YOU? Yellow Yeti DK-11204 DK11204 Compatible Multipurpose Labels are guaranteed to perform well with the following printer models: Brother P-Touch QL-500, QL-500A, QL-500BS, QL-500BW, QL-550, QL-560, QL-560VP, QL-570, QL-580, QL-580N, QL-650TD, QL-700, QL-710W, QL-720NW, QL-800, QL-810W, QL-820NWB, QL-1050, QL-1050N, QL-1060N, QL-1100, QL-1110NWB