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Yellow Yeti offers you 3 YEARS HASSLE-FREE WARRANTY as well as a No Questions Asked 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

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All our products are selled under international ISO 9001 certification

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We guarantee friendly customer service and professional technical support available 7 days a week.

Happy customers

I do a lot of printing as I'm an editor who likes to work by hand, so I've been printing a lot of work on these cartridges. I'm impressed by how long they've lasted -- I'm still on the first and it has lasted for about 1000 A4 pages of 2 page on one side novel and printing postages. It seems to still be going strong and the colour is still dark. I will be buying these ones again for sure.


Fitted first cartridge easily. Printer worked straight away with great printing. Have used it several times since and is just great. Two cartridges as well. Great price, what is not to like

Eleanor Johnson

Had my doubts over how cheap this was, but gave it a go. Seems to work very well so far, fit the loading mechanism very well, clear prints for the first 30 or so pages that I have printed so far. Will def buy more from this seller.

A. Cummings

Printer ink cartridges & printer toners

Hello! I’m Yellow Yeti from Yellow Land, I’m coming to you with good news! I think you’re here because you’re looking for a cheap ink for printer, or maybe toner for laser printer? Okay, relax... no matter which product you’re interested in, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Let me show you around my little kingdom, but... first, something about myself. You already know I have a lot of printer accessories, you don’t know why yet. So I will tell you a secret, but no ... it’s not a secret ... you can spread this news all over the world. I’d appreciate it! My goal in my loooong life has been to help people who do not want to spend huge sums of money on trinkets! Because why would you do that? You can always spend your saved money on something else, really cool. Maybe a company integration trip... you’re wondering how that’s possible? Yeah, it’s quite simple, my replacements cost 80% less than the branded toners or inks and I’ll tell you something else... Their quality is great! I wouldn’t give you something untested... I tested them all myself, and I know they’re great. I know, not only my opinion counts, look at buyer comments below! This is a reliable source of information! Each customer comes back to me for more, they’re happy, join them!

Okay, now it’s time for a short story about my products. 

Do you know I’ve already sold over 100,000 inks, toners, tapes and printer rolls? My warehouse works all the time, I often go there, I’m happy to help pack goods for you. Maybe today you’ll get a card with my signature... Keep it, in a few years it might be worth a lot! Ahhh... I was dreaming. Sorry. I am coming back to my great products. A few years ago, I thought it was worth creating something that pleases buyers and you know I think my products are just that. Instead of spending 200 pounds on toner, you’ll only pay 40 with me! Such a saving should make everyone happy, especially a person who is just beginning this adventure. My cheap ink for a printer will be something you talk about! Show off your savings, show others how resourceful you are, also mention my name! Yellow Yeti’s a great guy... Ah, I want to hear it. Coming back to my product range, I have replacements such as ink cartridge for HP, because you know that the HP brand is the leader in the printer market? Yes, these products are by far the most frequently searched! I also have interesting replacements for ink for an Epson printer, which is also quite a popular brand of printers on the UK market, probably because of the quality of the equipment, is absolutely great! I also have alternatives to Canon ink for printers - I use the Canon printer myself, I’m very happy, but I chose my own inks, I’m their biggest supporter, but that’s clear. 

I don’t know if you know, but my inks and toners have international ISO certification and warranty, every customer confirms the quality of my products. 

And I’ll tell you what products are most often chosen, I will write a little more because it’s quite interesting ...

My absolute best-sellers for compatible inks are the said ink cartridge for HP and ink for an Epson printer. If you’re looking for a replacement for these brands, you can find it with me, enter a model of your device in the search engine and each result will be suitable for your printer, isn’t that easy? I also have a Canon ink for printers and a very efficient replacement for HP 302 ink cartridges, customers often use Brother printers, so in my shop you will find a wide range of Brother ink cartridge replacements. I focus primarily on quality, I am Yellow Yeti, it’s clear that colour clarity is most important to me! There are many cartridges from unknown manufacturers who are far from the branded ones in terms of quality, I’ll tell you straightforwardly! Don’t trust them... especially if they don’t offer any warranty! Better try my products and see for yourself the print quality. My Cheap ink cartridges for a printer is saving, and I care about it most! Well, that’s who I am, and you can only benefit from it! 

Laser toner cartridges – what is a toner cartridge?

I will try to answer this question as simply as possible! Why complicate... Toner is a powder that is placed in a cartridge, with the help of laser its particles are transferred to the paper, in a nutshell this is how laser printing is created. Printing created with laser printers is cheaper, due to higher toner efficiency than ink, if you are wondering what printer to choose, I sincerely recommend choosing the laser one, it is more expensive, but its operating costs are much lower than those of inkjet printers, especially if you use my extra replacements! 

I recommend the following products to you, Yellow Yeti accepts them! 

Brother toner - the Brother brand has been present in the printer market for many, many years, in my offer you will find replacements for Brother printer toners, HP toner cartridges - I have a huge number of replacements for HP such as HP 44a toner or HP 203a toner, check out the other replacements by clicking hereSamsung toner cartridges - from this category the best selling product is toner for Samsung m2070wAlso, check out our best-seller from the toner for laser printer category - click here.

Other Yellow Yeti accessories

At my shop, you will also find the tapes and printer rollers that are also covered by the warranty. Precisely designed to provide clear and lasting results, I make sure that each product meets the standards - after all, I am Yellow Yeti, and I sign each product with my own name. The accessories will satisfy even the most demanding customers. 

Important information for you

All my products are under warranty and have international ISO 9001 certification. If you have a problem with choosing a product, contact me! I will be happy to advise and help you choose the right ink or toner for your printer. 

Psst... I won’t be angry if after testing the product you leave your opinions about it in the shop, it will help others, and for you it’s just a few moments. Go ahead! Maybe in the meantime, I will come up with some rewards for leaving a positive opinion ... who knows?

high quality components

Only high quality components

Our toner cartridges and rolls are designed with the slightest precision to deliver clear, readable and stunning printouts of the highest quality to satisfy your every need from the very first copy to the last.

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