Dafi Unimax Water Filter Cartridges for Brita Maxtra and Dafi Unimax Jug Systems

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Dafi Product:
Type of Product: Water Filter Cartridge
Model Name: Dafi
Series: Unimax
Filter Volume: 200L
Lifetime: approximately 1 month
Compatibility: Dafi Unimax, Brita Maxtra filter jugs

The Dafi Standard Filter cleans tap water and protects kettles from limescale. The universal filter is designed to improve the quality of tap water. Using it, tap water becomes ideal for drinking, brewing tea and coffee and cooking. Water filtered with the Dafi Standard is an excellent alternative to bottled water. It also prevents sediment build-up on the heating elements of kettles, irons and a coffee machines.
  • Fits Brita Maxtra, Dafi Unimax jug systems
  • Filter provides up to 200 liters of crystal clean water.
  • Each cartridge lasts for approximately one month for optimum performance.
  • Cartridge reduces limescale, chlorine and other impurities allowing food and drinks to taste as they should.