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Yellow Yeti recommends! Ranking of printers

When you decide to buy a printer for your home, you need to pay attention to several parameters. Check out which printers Yellow Yeti recommends!

Yellow Yeti printer ranking

Printer – which to choose?

If you're just about to buy a printer for your home, it's worth doing a little research first. Getting to know the flagship models on the market will certainly make your decision easier. As a Yellow Yeti who knows this product market very well, I am happy to advise you! A printer is not an essential piece of equipment - after all, you can print the materials you need downtown, but if you do this regularly and in large quantities, it becomes cumbersome and uneconomical. That's why I would like to recommend you some of the most cost-effective and efficient printers to make your life easier! If you're a student or pupil, you'll appreciate having a printer on your desk even more. Check out the models I have chosen especially for you!

HP DeskJet 2720 home printer

HP inkjet printer is a multifunctional device that makes many everyday office tasks a breeze! This printer has not only a file print function, but also a scan and copy function! The perfect equipment for every student! This printer is Wi-Fi enabled, so you can print from any computer in your home, from your tablet or straight from your mobile phone. Quite a convenience, isn't it? The price of the printer is about 56 pounds, which is a very attractive price for equipment with so many functions. You can print not only documents or invoices but also photos or colour graphics and posters.

Pantum M6800fdw

Pantum M6800fdw laser printer is a device that will allow you to print in A4 sizes. This is equipment for those who need a more advanced specification, for those who print a lot! The device can print up to 30 pages per minute! Not a bad result! The large sheet feeder means you don't have to worry about constantly adding more paper. This printer is a premium device, and its price is positively surprising! This Pantum printer model costs around 135 pounds! This printer also has a scanning and photocopying function. This model is designed for small and medium-sized businesses where professional quality and good performance are essential. Check out the other, more compact model from this brand – P2200W.

EPSON EcoTank L3151

This Epson printer is an extremely cost-effective device - the low cost of printing makes it worth having in your home. You can connect to this printer using Wi-Fi and print from multiple mobile devices. A special system means the printer uses ink efficiently, so it lasts much longer than in other devices. The printer comes with a full set of inks, so it's ready to go straight away!