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Yellow Yeti advises which printer to choose for home or work

Choosing a printer should be preceded by a kind of research – answering a few simple questions will allow you to match the device to your needs.

Yellow Yeti advises which printer to choose


If you're wondering which printer to choose for your home or office – I'm here to help! As a Yellow Yeti, an ink and toner retailer, I have a few tips for you! Before deciding on a particular model, it is worth asking yourself a few basic questions: what kind of things am I going to print? How often? Am I looking for a printer for home or business? If you answer these questions, it will be much easier for me to help you choose equipment tailored to your needs!

Which print technology to choose?

The printing technology determines the print speed you will be able to achieve, but also the quality of the prints. The most popular devices include inkjet and laser models. An inkjet printer works by applying microscopic droplets of ink contained in the print heads to paper. The print head moves horizontally to form the lines that make up our printout. Most inkjet printers use four colours of ink – cyan, magenta, yellow and black – to print full-colour materials. A laser printer is similar to a photocopier. Such a printer uses a toner which is powder, the particles of which are applied to paper and pressed through a special imaging drum. Such a print is created in layers, not line by line.

Advantages and disadvantages

As a professional customer advisor, I always present the advantages and disadvantages of products. The advantages of inkjet printers are their low price, smaller size so they can stand on a desk and won’t take up much space, inexpensive colour prints, and the ability to print photographs! The device also has several disadvantages, such as high running costs for colour prints, louder operation, insufficient print speed and the need to be patient when printing larger files. Such printers are perfect for home use, especially if you run a small business, your children go to school, or you are a student! You don't have to worry about getting your materials printed out downtown, you can just have what you need at any time.
Laser printers are extremely fast, highly efficient, guarantee extremely high-quality prints and low running costs. The main disadvantages are the high purchase price of the device, which pays for itself quite quickly when the device is used, as well as the inability to print in colour. I recommend laser printers for companies and places where large quantities of prints are made, for schools, law offices and administrative offices. One of the models I recommend is Pantum P2200W a WiFi-enabled device, printing up to 22 pages per minute, with a monthly page-load of up to 20,000 pages!