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Yellow Yeti advises what to do when the printer doesn’t recognise the toner

A printer is an essential device in a home office or in your business. Be sure to replace the ink regularly. But what to do when the printer doesn’t recognise the toner? Find out.

Yeti advise what to do when the printer does not recognize the toner

Take care of your device

Inkjet printers are essential devices in every home or business! I know this very well, and I always say it to my customers. Printing contracts, invoices, bills, documents, and materials essential in your personal and professional life can be much faster and easier with a printer on your home desk.

Be sure to take proper care of your electronic equipment. Only then will your equipment be in working order for a long, long time. First of all, make sure that the print nozzles are clear. Turn the printer off with the on/off button when not using it. This habit will prevent the ink print nozzles from drying out. Another way to extend the life of your ink and printer is to use it regularly. Only then you can be sure that the inks will be in good condition until they are fully utilised. Always make sure your printer is placed steadily, straight, and you can be sure you won’t be surprised by printer ink flooding!

What should I do if the printer doesn’t recognise the toner?

In almost all cases, the ink and toner will work in the printer automatically, without the need for complicated and additional steps. Just remove the protective covers, insert them into the device as shown in the instructions and ...done! But what to do if we have a stroke of bad luck and the printer fails to work?

The first way to fix a disobedient printer is to disconnect it from power for several seconds. Wait patiently, and then reconnect it. Resetting the ink settings on your device will, in many cases, prove to be the key to solving the problem. If the printer still “doesn’t recognise” the toner, try gently removing the ink from inside the machine and cleaning the chip that connects it to the device. This often solves many problems!

The simple ways presented above are effective for many ink problems. However, if you have not been able to solve the problem despite cleaning the cartridges or resetting the printer settings, you may have to think about complaining about the ink or repairing your printer.