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A story about Yellow Yeti – a bear who moves away from his family

I think everyone has heard of Yeti, but few have seen him. He lives in the mountains, and the only traces of his presence are giant footprints in the snow. No one seems to have heard of Yellow Yeti.


The bear that did not want to sleep.

Yellow Yeti fireplace in the woods story

Not only parents of babies have problems getting their little ones to sleep. They at least can be promised that they will wake up soon. And what should a mother bear do, whose naughty little son says he will not sleep all winter because it is too warm?

– These winters are so unbearable now; you can’t sleep, you have to spend a few months in a cave only to be more tired in spring than at the beginning of winter. Give me a break. If I’m sleepy, I’ll sleep, if I’m not, I won’t.


Of course, the mother, like a mother, told her child to go to bed. And the child, as a child does, rebelled in his mind and quietly fled from the cave into the forest at night. This is how the story of Yellow Yeti, who wanders the streets of cities at night and leaves yellow footprints, begins.


Where did the yellow bear come from?

The little bear lived in blissful ignorance and in the belief that everything he found in the forest was for his good. He was so convinced of this that when he came across an illegal waste dump, he began to enjoy himself there, albeit not necessarily safely. Well, there’s the rub – accidentally found and spilt yellow ink turned our little boy... yellow! No more brown bear and its shallow future in the high mountains. A yellow bear – Yellow Yeti – enters the scene.


Bear business in the big city


The bear quite rightly assumed that this unusual gift came from humans. As it did not occur to the bear that people might have left the yellow thing in the forest on purpose, he decided that they had definitely lost it and decided to look for them to return the lost item to them. Maybe, by the way, they will know what to do to make the bear stop being yellow?


So if, dear reader, you see yellow footprints on the pavement, know that Yellow Yeti has walked this way, having left the safety of the mountains and stepped between the city walls.


Finding the people responsible for littering the forest proved impossible. No one wanted to admit to leaving litter in the forest. However, some people saw a business idea in the original appearance of the yellow bear.


A bear and ink? Will it sell? Of course! Today, Yellow Yeti is the story of a small bear from a big forest and a symbol of what we lack most – cheap inks and toners for printers. In the age of trendy remote working and learning, printers work almost non-stop. Yellow Yeti are cheap replacements for expensive genuine products. They work the same but are more affordable. Oh, they don’t print yellow at all!


Yellow Yeti really exists!

So ends the story of a naughty bear who moved away from his family because he didn’t want to sleep. Today, he is a great entrepreneur, maybe not a shark, but a bear of the IT industry.


So, dear reader, if you see yellow bear footprints on the pavement while wandering around the city, know that you are on the right track. Do not hesitate to follow them. Yellow Yeti plays a game of footsteps with you, and footprints will lead you to his shop. There you can buy cheap ink or toner, and if you’re really lucky, who knows - you might even get a selfie with the world’s only yellow bear.